Psychological care

Last updated on 02.11.2021


There is the psychological student counselling service, which offers anonymous free counselling. For a first appointment at an individual appointment, no advance registration is necessary.

-optimising study skills (learning techniques, increasing efficiency, ...)
-psychological problems (exam nerves, fears, depression, crises, lovesickness, eating disorders, addiction, sex, loneliness, burn-out, ...)
-developing personal skills (communication, stress management, time management, relaxation)
-Study choice

There are group offers (graduation, learning training, thesis, choice of study, social competence, ...) or individual counselling.

To be able to admit weaknesses and problems and to be helped is an essential strength that many successful people have (e.g. many top athletes have a mental coach). If you know a friend with psychological problems, you can recommend the student counselling service to your friend and support the person by offeing to go togehter.

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Employees at TU-Wien

There are (free) occupational psychology consultation hours for employees at the TU Vienna.

Topics (excerpt):
- Stress management/relaxation training
- Overload, burnout
- Dissatisfaction with the work situation
- Conflicts with colleagues, superiors
- Crises (death, ... )
- Emotional problems (anxiety, depression, ...)

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Other contact points

Referate der HTU: Frauenreferat, Sozialreferat, LGBT*, Ausländer

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Disabilities Representative of TU-Wien

For hearing problems, dyslexia, ... there is support from the TU-Wien. This can be depending on the restriction and proportionality an increase in examination time or a person who takes notes for you in class.


HTU Department for Accessibility

Offers a first point of contact for advice for students with disabilities.