Admission of Graduates of Technical Colleges (Fachhochschulen)

The higher administrative court has decided (file number 2013/10/0140) that graduates of relevant diploma or master programmes as well as graduates of a relevant course at a technical college according to § 5 (3) (now § 6 (4)) of the University of Applied Sciences Act (Fachhochschulgesetz, FHStG) are to be admitted to doctoral studies without further requirements. Graduates of technical colleges who finished a master programme that falls under the "Regulation of the Minister of Science and Research of Doctoral Studies of Technical Sciences for Graduates of University of Applied Sciences Master Programmes" („Verordnung der Bundesministerin für Wissenschaft und Forschung über das Doktoratsstudium der technischen Wissenschaften für Absolventinnen und Absolventen von Fachhochschul- Masterstudiengängen“) have finished a relevant programme by all means.

Graduates of technical colleges who are already admitted and fall under the referred regulation should contact the Department for Studies (Studienabteilung) or go there in person with their notification. Depending on the official notification the requirements may be waived.