Frequently Asked Questions - Required coursework

Last updated on 30.10.2021

How many ECTS credits are required in the doctoral programme?

According to the current curriculum the dissertation comprises 180 ECTS credits. The writing of the thesis itself counts for 162 credits, the remaining 18 credits are the curricular part. The choice of the courses for the curricular part has to be agreed on with the supervisor and has to be approved by the dean of studies (ideally in advance). It is advisible to talk about this choice in advance with both parties to rule out problems.

Are there any restrictions regarding the courses?

There are some "hard" restrictions:

  1. You cannot choose any course that you have already used for another programme.
  2. There are seperate requirements for each field of study/faculty, see guidelines for the curricular part.
  3. If you are member of a graduate school (DK), there might be stricter guidelines, and you may be required to take certain special lectures. These guidelines can lead to more than 18 ECTS you have to complete.

The final decision regarding the curricular part is made by the dean of studies.

Is the Privatissimum (exclusive tutorium) part of the curricular part?

The dean of studies has to approve your choice of subjects. There are different guidelines for each field of study regarding the number of credits that are classificated as seminary (SE) or privatisima (PV). The guidelines can be looked up on the homepage of the according faculty/deans office and are summarized here.

Can I include courses that I completed before enrolling in the doctoral programme in my selection?

Yes, as long as you did not use them in order to get another degree.

Are there any general courses for scientific working?

The following courses are just some options how to learn specific topics, but if you want to use them for the curricular part of your dissertation please add this courses to your Theses-Agreement and let it sign by your supervisor and the dean of studies, to be shure that you can actually use them for your dissertation.

Internal Continuing Education:(only for employees)
Good Scientific Practice und Plagiatsprävention
Effective scientific writing
EndNote - Zitieren und Literaturverwaltung leicht gemacht
MS Office Excel Grundlagen
MS Office Excel Fortgeschritten
Improving Your Scientific Papers
Kostenfreies Open-Access-Publizieren
Open Access, free of charge

General Science/Research related courses targeted at PhD students:
360.016 VU Programming 1 (4.0 ECTS)
360.017 VU Programming 2 (4.0 ECTS)
Programming general:
OpenMP; MPI:
Image Processiong:
Finite Elements:
Statistic (Software: R):
Molecular Dynamics:
MS Project: