Fachschaft Doktorat

Last updated on 07.03.2020

The Fachschaft Doktorat is the representation of interests of doctoral candidates at the TU Wien. A group of volunteers, including five officially elected representatives, take care of your requests.

Our areas of responsibility are manifold, since the border between students and university employees is often blurred heavily for doctoral candidates. Among many things, we are co-designing the curriculum within the study commission and we are closely working together with rectorate and the employee organization for scientific personal of the TU Wien

The process of decision finding is open for all PhD candidates at our jour fixe meetings and each pre-doc can has one vote. This means you can join us at our meetings and introduce issues and positions in one of our jour fixe meetings.

Fachschaft Doktorat works closely together with representatives at the university level (HTU) and the national level (ÖH) to represent the interrests of our doctoral candidates not only at the TU Wien, but also on a federal level.

For further information about the activities of the Fachschaft Doktorat, please take a look at our activity report.

The location of Fachschaft Doktorat can be found in contact.