Employment at TU Wien (former: Vienna University of Technology)

Last updated on 07.03.2020

Many doctoral candidates are employed at the TU Wien for their research activity. All employments are classified under the collective bargaining agreement. (German, English Translation).

There are basically three different types of employment. These are:

  • University assistant (Universitätsassisteninnen und Universitätsassistenten)
  • Project assistant (Projektassisteninnen und Projektassistenten)
  • Within a doctoral school (Kollegiat)

University assistants

They are directly employed and paid by the TU Wien. Currently the university closes contracts for 30 hours employment per week for four years. This contract is not renewed after these four years.  It is possible to be employed as a project assistant afterwards.

The contract of university assistants implies research as well as education. The educational part includes giving lectures, supervising students, helping in the lab, etc. 

Project assistants

Project Assistants are paid by a project, often the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) or a company. Their contract only implies research for the project. They only have to teach if both the doctoral candidate and the project partner agree. The doctoral candidate will not get paid extra for teaching, only the project will be refunded by the university.

The salary and the number of hours per week you are employed depend on the project partner. The FWF currently closes contracts for 30 hours per week.

You should pay attention that your contract is closed for at least three years. A renew of the contract is possible up to six years (or eight years for part time employment). 

Within a doctoral school

At TU Wien several doctoral schools exist. They educate young researchers to their doctoral degree. Doctoral candidates within a doctoral school are usually employed for 15 to 30 hours per week. Within this time the candidate has to research on their topic as well as visit further education. In several cases the doctoral candidate is further employed by TU Wien for some hours of teaching. The contract is usually closed for three years; in some exceptions a prolongation for a further year is possible. Candidates of a doctoral school have to attend additional courses which extend the curricular part.



Due to the collective bargaining agreement a doctoral candidate will earn for a 40 hours per week employment 2.929,00 €  before taxes (~1.977 € after taxes) (January 2019). The salary is raised after three years, earlier if you have been employed in a scientific field before. This does not include employment as a study assistant or tutor (everything before you finished your master degree).

Further Informations

Vice rector for human resources and gender. Check the German version for further information.