Cumulative Dissertation

Last updated on 30.10.2021


The guidelines for cumulative dissertations were published on the 3 July 2013 in the Bulletin of the TU Wien. They are the result of discussions between the curricular comission for the doctoral studies and the vice rector for academic affairs with substantial contributions by the Fachschaft Doktorat.

A modification of the guidelines for cumulative dissertations were published on the 2 July 2014 in the Bulletin of the TU Wien.

You will find the guidelines on (only in German).


At the beginning of one's studies, the question wheter to write a cumulative dissertation or to create a monograph should be thought of. When doing so, the following should be kept in mind:

  • Does it make sense to produce a cumulative dissertation in my field of study or for my specific topic?
  • Can the obligatory number of publications (three, see below) be reached within the available period of time?
  • Does the supervisor and the dean of studies agree in producing a cumulative dissertation?

One doesn't have to ultimately decide what type of thesis to create at the very beginning of the studies, but rather when it is time to write down the thesis. Furthermore, the type can be changed at any given time in a mutal agreement of student and supervisor.

It is highly recommended to gather some information about the customs at the departement in order to avoid trouble when submitting the thesis.


The following text is a summary of the current guidelines. Hereby it is made clear, that the only valid text is the german one, published in the Bulletin mentioned above.

§ 1 Agreement on a cumulative dissertation

In the normal case a thesis is written as a monograph. In mutual agreement between student and supervisor and upon approval by the dean of studies, a cumulative dissertation can be produced.

§ 2 Composition of the thesis

At least three scientific peer-reviewed publications have to be included. If the student is a co-author, the his or her contribution to the work has to be made clear in the introductory chapter. There, the connection of the used publications themselves as well as the connection to the field of study.

§ 3 Structure of the thesis

 (1) The cumulative dissertation consists of

  1. an introductory chapter
  2. the scientific publications

(2) The introductory chapter has to cover

  1. the investigated problem
  2. the aims
  3. the methodology
  4. a short summary of the scientific publications
  5. and the scientific contribution to the field of study.

​§ 4 Evaluation and submission

The same rules as for monographic theses are applied.

§ 5 Legal validity

(1) These guidelines come into effect on 1 October 2013.
(2) § 1 as published in the Mitteilungsblatt 2014, 15. Stück, Nr. 165, comes into effect on 1 October 2014.